Work Health Assessment

Work Health Assessments assess an employee’s fitness to undertake the role to which they have been appointed. They are useful both for new employees and for those employees moving to a new role within their organisation.

The Process

Occupational Health will provide your organisation with login details for the Online Pre-placement Module. From here you as the employer will be able to send out links to a new employee, which will enable the candidate to complete the Occupational Health Work Health Assessment Questionnaire (Pre-placement Questionnaire). Once the questionnaire has been completed it will instantly be available on our system, and it is from this point onwards that our internal clearance clock starts. Occupational Health will aim to provide clearance within 48 hours unless further information is required or an appointment is necessary.

Jobs for which a health assessment is required includes those that involve:

  • Contact with patients or young children
  • Contact with laboratory animals or insects, or other work requiring periodic health surveillance
  • Handling of hazardous chemicals
  • Operating workshop machinery
  • Handling of human pathogens or genetically modified micro-organisms
  • Regular work related driving (excluding commuting)
  • Other work where sudden illness or accident may pose a significant risk of harm e.g. working at heights
  • Work requiring accurate colour vision
  • Food handling

For those working in a clinical setting (primarily those in an EPP role) or staff with patient contact, candidates will need to provide immunisation history for the below

  1. BCG Scar check
  2. T-Spot testing in the event no BCG scar is visible

Blood Tests for:

  1. Hep B titre level
  2. Hep B Antigen
  3. Hep C Antibody
  4. HIV Antibody
  5. Measles Antibody
  6. Rubella Antibody
  7. Chickenpox Antibody

What does EPP mean?

Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP) are procedures where there is a risk of injury to the worker (e.g. from a sharp instrument, needle tip or sharp tissue) inside a patients open body cavity, wound or confined anatomical space where the hands or fingertips may not be completely visible at all times, which may result in exposure of the patient's blood on the worker. EPP staff include: all surgeons (including FY1 and FY2 doctors with a rotation into an EPP area), qualified staff working in A&E, theatres (e.g. scrub nurses), midwives (including students), dentists and dental nurses (including students).


The outcome of work health assessments will usually result in an update to the employer’s pre-placement dashboard, providing information on date cleared and any restrictions that might apply. Additionally, Occupational Health will also provide the employer with fit slips documenting clearance, which will also include recommendations on accommodating a health problem or disability. This can range from the individuals fitness to perform specific duties, adjustments to duties or specific support measures to protect their health.


All information on health provided by a member of staff is held in medical confidence.

Recommendations on any necessary adjustment will include information on effects of a health problem or disability without disclosure of the underlying medical condition.

Further Information

For specific enquiries regarding the work health assessment process and employee health, please contact us via email to Occupational Health or refer to the form on the “About Us”.

SEQOHS – Health Declaration (NHS National Performers List)

Managed by NHS England, the National Performers List provides an extra layer of reassurance for the public that GPs, Dentists and Opticians practicing in the NHS are suitably qualified, have up to date training and have passed other relevant checks. These checks also include Occupational Health screening to check that the practitioner is fit to work and has had the necessary tests and immunisations required for their role.

As an accredited SEQOHS occupational health provider we can provide healthcare professionals with all the required immunisations and blood tests for clearance to work in the NHS in the United Kingdom using identified validated samples, please feel free to contact us on 0203 594 6609 or at stating that you require occupational health clearance for the National Performers List and we will send out the necessary forms to complete, along with the information needed to submit your application.

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