Services We Offer

Work Health Assessments

Work health questionnaires will be screened by an Occupational Health professional. An individual may be contacted for further information,

or cleared within 48 hours.  On some occasions, an individual may be invited into the Occupational Health Department for an appointment with an Occupational Health  professional.

Management referrals – relating to Sickness Absence / ill Health / Wellbeing management

Referrals are triaged by one of our clinicians.  Advice and support is given, and a report prepared accordingly. In cases where employees are recovering from surgery or have mobility issues, telephone consultations may be an option.

Health Surveillance

We offer Lung Function tests for those exposed to respiratory sensitisers, audiometric/hearing testing for those exposed to noise and HAVS, screening for those exposed to vibration.

Vaccinations/Health ProtectionA full vaccination programme is offered. Please contact occupational health department for details. (This includes the seasonal influenza vaccination, which is available between October - March)

MOT Health Checks

Examining an individual’s general health (blood pressure, weight, height, BMI), and as such provide early detection of potential health risks.It will also provide an opportunity to discuss any existing health conditions.

SEQOHS- Fitness to Practice & Return to Practice

As an accredited SEQOHS Occupational Health provider we can provide healthcare professionals with all the required immunisations and blood tests for clearance to work in the NHS in the United Kingdom using identified validated samples. Please feel free to contact us on 0203 594 6609 or at

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