What is the role of the Occupational Health Nurse in Workplace? (Click for more info)

To assess fitness for work and to advise on adjustments and restrictions to support the employee at work.

- Attempting to reduce any adverse impact of work on existing health conditions, or work causing ill health.
- Supporting those with disabilities to return to or remain at work
- Protecting health through relevant immunisation programmes
- Promoting health of staff.
- Advising individual staff, Managers or the Organisation on work related health concerns.
Do I need to be referred to OH just because I have been off sick? (Click for more info)

No, it is the decision of your manager whether to refer you to Occupational Health or not following a period of sickness absence.  Your Manager might also discuss a referral with you when you have not been off sick should there be concerns about your health at work.
When can I return to work following a bout of diarrhoea and vomiting? (Click for more info)

48 hours after last episode of symptoms
When can I return to work following an episode of shingles? (Click for more info)

Once all legions have dried up (no longer moist or oozing)
How can I make a self-referral to OH? (Click for more info)

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept self-referrals.
How can I gain a copy of my immunisation record?  (Click for more info)

If you require a copy of your immunisation report, and Barts Health has been/is your occupational health provider, please email occupationalhealth.bartshealth@nhs.net stating your full name, date of birth and contact details.
Who does my DSE assessment? (Click for more info)

The initial DSE assessment should be completed by the individual’s manager but Occupational Health may be able to offer support and advice to assist you with this
Is OH part of the disciplinary process? (Click for more info)

No but you may be referred to Occupational Health while going through a disciplinary process.
How can I check the immunisation status of my staff? (Click for more info)

Occupational Health would not usually provide a manager with details of individual employee’s immunisation records.  However, on request we can provide you with information detailing whether they are up to date, require a next stage appointment, or for example need to attend for immunisation update.
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