OH Online

Online Pre-placement
The module allows HR/Employers to send out an email which contain a link to an Online Pre-Placement Questionnaire. Login details are bespoke to each user and are generated during the HR setup. Once the prospective applicant has received their details, they can complete the questionnaire online and submit it directly to the Occupational Health Department. As the employer you will be able to track this process from end to end on an online dashboard linked to your account. This will allow the user to ascertain the status of the clearance and the cause of any delays.
Online Management Referral
The modules aim to streamline the management referral process by allowing managers to generate referrals directly into the cohort system. Employers can have individual accounts for each manager or one account depending on their organisational needs, additionally a HR account can also be generated which allows referrals to be backed up in a central location (for informational purposes).
Specific Health Surveillance (SHS) Questionnaire
An online portal much like the above which allows employer/employees access to a whole host of health surveillance questionnaires, these can range from hand & arm vibration, food handling to audiometry, drivers medical and pulmonary sensitisers. The results from said questionnaires can then be analysis by Occupational Health to provide an overview of your organisations health and wellbeing in a specific area.

For details on any of the above please feel free to contact the department for more information.

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