Management Referrals

The management referral process is designed to support the occupational health need of the organisation.
Our primary function is to provide employers with an independent view on an employee’s health status and their ability to perform the duties described in their job description. Our aim is to make this process as smooth and timely as possible, and we do this by providing our customers with online access to submit referrals to Occupational Health. In this way managers will be able to follow the process in real time via their individual accounts.

Reasons for referrals can range from:
Long term sickness absence – usually defined as continuous absence of 4 weeks or more.
Frequent short term absence – based on episodes and their frequency, i.e. Bradford score.
Performance related concerns – based on poor or reduced performance levels where there may be a health problem.
Investigation of work-related illness/injury – assessment of whether a health problem is likely to be work-related or not.
Ill-Health retirement assessment – to advise on whether the criteria for ill health retirement may be met.

Short term absence is generally more effectively dealt with through existing management processes/procedures, unless there are genuine concerns of an underlying health condition.

The Process
Occupational health will provide your organisation with login details to the online management referral module; this can be as a single account for your organisation or multiple accounts for each user. In addition to this, we can generate a HR account which can be used to centralise referrals from each account into one location, however, there are limitations to this account.
After login the user can then submit referrals to occupational health by following the information pack supplied to all users. Following submission, the referral is accepted into the occupational health system where it will be triaged by a member of the clinical team. The referral will be allocated to the most appropriate member of staff. At which point the employee will be contacted to arrange the consultation; please refer to occupational health KPIs for timescales between submission and consultation.
What should I include on the referral?
The information provided on the referral form should attempt to cover the issues and concerns in as greater detail as possible. This is to ensure that the referral can be triaged to the most appropriate clinical member of staff. When possible a copy of the individuals’ sickness absence record and job description should also be included, however if there are any concerns regarding this please feel free to contact the department for advice.

Questions that may be relevant to include:

  • Is the employee fit for work?
  • What can be done to assist an early return to work?
  • What sort of modifications or adjustments may be required?
  • How long will adjustments likely be required for?
  • Is there an underlying medical reason for recurring short term absence?
  • Is any underlying health problem likely to improve and, if so, in what time scale?
  • Is the illness caused or made worse by any work activity (specific or general)?
  • Is the health problem likely to meet the criteria for disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010?
  • Is the employee fit to attend an investigatory or disciplinary process?
  • Does the employee meet ill health retirement criteria or income protection benefit criteria?

What can i expect from an OH Report?
Occupational health will always try to advise on the presenting medical condition or work related concerns and their effects on the capabilities of the employee, their safety in the workplace and that of others. Advice will be given on restrictions which might be able to help improve the work environment for the individual and reduce the chances of further absence.
What am I entitled to know?
As an employer you are entitled to know the likely effect of a medical condition on the individual’s ability to perform the tasks expected of them based on their job description. The likely effect of the medical condition or concern on the individual’s ability to maintain the safety of themselves and/or others to whom you as the employer has a duty of care (i.e. other employees or customers etc). An opinion on how concerns are likely to change in the future and whether or not the individual will be able to perform the duties described.

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