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Management Referral

How long does it take to get an appointment for a member of my staff? (Click for more info)
Occupational Health will always try to offer the earliest appointment available; however, it is also dependant on whom the referral has been triaged to. In the case of a nurse, an appointment is offered within 5 working days of receiving the paperwork. For our consultant, appointments are offered within 10 working days of receiving the paperwork.
How much does it cost? (Click for more info)
Please contact the department for quotation
Tracy Anderson: 0203 594 1008 or 0203 594 6609
What Happened to my Referral? (Click for more info)
Should you be unable to locate the response from occupational health on your management referral account  please contact the department on 0203 594 6609, in most cases we will be able to resolve the issue over the phone, however, this will be dependant on whether consent from the client has been confirmed.
How can I reset my login details for the management referral? (Click for more info)
Should you be unable to login to your account please contact the Occupational Health department on 0203 594 6609 or email for assistance.
Where can I find the Report? (Click for more info)

Following a referral appointment, a report will be available on your management referral dashboard. Once logged into your account records of on-going referrals will appear under results, if referral has been discharged it will remain on the section for 60 days before the housekeeping feature will archive the item.

When looking into on-going referral it is important to note the status, as this will give the user an indication of how to proceed.
  • Referral sent to Occ Health – Referral submitted to OH, pending matching
  • Matched to Patient – Record has been accepted into COHORT system (Triaging process)
  • Appt Booked – As implied an appointment has been booked (refer to ‘appt status’ for more details)
  • Attendance update– Ditto as above (The ‘appt status’ will inform as to whether the appointment has been attended or DNA’d)
  • Response in Progress - Indicates that a response from Occupational Health is available (The referral also remains open for possible further appoints in the future).
  • Closed and returned to originator with response - As above, however, the case has been discharged and no further appointment is likely to be booked.
  • Closed by Administrator– Can relate to referrals that have been discharged due to a number of DNA’d appointments or if the referral is unnecessary

In addition to the statuses listed above the system will also provide icon indications of when an update to a referral has been made, and this is shown as an exclamation mark to the left of the individuals’ name.
Should you have the appropriate status listed above, you can view the report by highlighting the tick box located to the left of the individuals’ name, once selected please click on the view icon at the bottom right of the web page. This will re-direct you to the referral details scroll down pass the original referral to ‘response created’ and click on the text itself to expand the area and reveal the response from occupational health.
Further still below the response will be file attachments.
I have a member of staff who is pregnant. Can I refer them to occupational health? (Click for more info)
Yes, you can referral your colleague to Occupational Health for any health concerns that arise following a pregnancy risk assessment (please see link below for risk assessment form).
Pregnancy Risk Assessment
How can I reset my login details for the management referral? (Click for more info)
Should you be unable to login to your account please contact the occupational health department on 0203 594 6609 or email for assistance.

HR Pre-placement

How do I send out applications to new members of staff? (Click for more info)
After login into the pre-placement module, applications can be sent out via the ‘application’ section of the navigation menu. Opening the webpage will present the user with a number of fields, some of which are mandatory (highlighted with an asterisk) and other optional which can be populated with the new starters information.
After supplying the information required, the user must then select the add applicant button, this will move the application into an outbound tray. At this point the user can enter the details of another applicant as the majority of field will be automatically wiped (excluding employment information).
Once ready to send out the applications the user will need to select the send applications button, this will automatically dispatch emails to each applicant based on the information provided. The exact email and questionnaire received is dependent on the options selected under ‘Actions’
The post/department/site dropdown menus do not contain the right options for our organisation, how would I go about correcting this? (Click for more info)
Should either of the options above not contain the appropriate options for your organisation, please email with your request and we can look into adding these option onto the system. Once upload new options should be available after a few numbers.
How do I re-send login details to applicants? (Click for more info)
Admin users will be able to re-send login details to applicants should the item remain incomplete for extend periods of time. After selecting the re-send icon, please scroll down to the bottom of the page where a new section will now be visible, which contains the individual’s login information and the previous email address used to provide this information. The user can re-send to the previous address used or enter a new address for the login information to go to.
Note: Hover over icon for brief description
An applicant no longer wishes to take up the post, how do I remove the individual from the dashboard? (Click for more info)
Admin users now have the ability to remove applications from their dashboard, icons on the far left of each row will allow users to re-send login information to the applicants or remove the work item.

Applicant Pre-placement

My login details aren’t working, who should I contact? (Click for more info)
Please contact your HR/recruitment department to locate your login details or resend new login credentials. In the event that issues persist, please contact the Occupational Health department on 0203 594 6609.

How do I attach my immunisation records to the questionnaire? (Click for more info)
File attachments are a 2 part process when using the online questionnaire. Firstly, there is the add file button, this will allow you to browse your local drive to locate the necessary file. Once added the file will be added to the upload tray. The percentage of the file uploaded will remain at 0%, to complete the process the user will need to also click on the start file upload, this will then upload and lock the file into the system.
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